BAERS Core - A Corp Management Tool

BAERS Core is a corporation management tool, originally developed for Dropbears Anonymous. Its goal is to combine every IT service an EVE corporation needs into one easily accessible website.

Currently, it has the following features:

Most features are optional and can be disabled if you do not need them, and because BAERS Core is in active development, new features will frequently be added on request.

I prepared a screenshot album for you. Most screenshots have a description attached to explain what's going on. Please note that all of the screenshots were made with all possible groups assigned. Most of the private information shown in the pictures are not normally visible to regular members. I also apologize for all the censored information, but I have to protect the privacy of my fellow corpies.

Click here to go to the screenshot album on imgur

To wrap things up, here are a few opinions on BAERS Core:

„It is a pretty damn good site“ - Yaolan
„ <3 “ - Jim Suletu
„This, I love this.“ - Maverick Klark
„ ayy lmao “ - a DAMN PATRIOT